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Nokia Device With Retina-like Display?

13.01.2011 19.49 - mobiili 

I haven't noticed if anyone's been talking about some new Nokia devices coming with "retina-like" displays. But that seems to be the case. At least if we're to believe Nokia and their newsletter:

Future Symbian^3 smartphones released by Nokia will include models with non-standard nHD resolution. Your application should be ready to handle touch screens with VGA resolution (640 x 480) at 326 DPI.

Interesting to see what kind of devices they will be. The resolution seems to be quite small though and this means that the display will be 1.7" (if I calculated correctly) 2.45". Veery small indeed.

Also, it's nice that Nokia also talks about their "scalable UI" stuff. Yes, they've been talking about that kind of stuff for years, but I still haven't seen anything from Nokia that would allow people to make UIs to stretch nicely etc. Maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough...


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Hurtta (anon, 14.01.2011 17.45)

Umm, sqrt(640^2 + 480^2) / 326 = 2.4540 (in), right?

Still small but could actually be usable.

Symbiatch (anon, 15.01.2011 18.42)

Thanks, I was sure I missed something. Naturally I didn't square the numbers O:)

Also, I'm not sure if the DPIs shown these days are diagonal or horiz/vert, but it seems that it'll only make a difference of some millimeters max, so not to bother.

And yes, 2.5" screens are still small. I'd think that Nokia would first make some bigger screens with high DPI, since they aren't that cheap and most small screen users probably don't need high DPI. But what do I know...  |  Omat jutut  |  Muiden jutut  |  Kategoriat  |  kirjaudu