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Open invitation for Andy Mart

12.08.2005 09.31 - IT-ala 

Lähetin CTFM:n pomolle Andy Martille avoimen pyynnön perustella lehdistötiedotteensa väitteet. Alla kirje, ilmoitan hänen vastauksensa jos sellaisen saan. Itse epäilen etten saa, ainakaan sellaista joka vastaisi näihin kohtiin.

You said in Your CTFM press release that:

"No other company in America gets away with selling defective products and then expecting its customers to wait years for proper product operability."

This is an open invitation for You to list all those thousands of companiesn the America that sell perfect and flawless products. Since every company (except Microsoft) is one, it mustn't be too hard to list, say, 100 of them? And if they were software companies, it would be very nice, since they would relate to Microsoft best.

You can also explain how the fact that Apple Computers releases also updates and bug fixes periodically, forces people to buy new versions just to get the operating system to work as it should etc is OK in your opinion. Clearly it is not releasing a defective product, since there is only one company in America that releases those, and it isn't Apple Computers.

I have released this letter in my web page at and I will report your reply there also. I hope you will find the time to answer.

Or could it be that all this press release is is an attempt to get more publicity for your campaign for governor?

I expect to hear from You soon.


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