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02.08.2009 11.55 - IT-ala 

I submitted a version of my Telkussa Xtra application to Apple for review. After more than a week I notived that it had been rejected but I hadn't received any information why. So I sent an email to them asking if they could resend the information. I also suggested that the reasons could be added to the web site so that you could always get them there if the email doesn't arrive.

A moment ago I got a reply. It said that they've sent me an email at this date to these addresses and if it's not correct, update the contact information. No mention about the reason why it was rejected.

So, it's nice to know that they reply, but I'm none the wiser about what I must do to the application to get it through.

Before that I sent a new version of Telkussa to them. They rejected it twice claiming it doesn't work. Nothing is loaded from the network. I tested and tested and it always worked both on the device and on the simulator. So I emailed them about this inability to reproduce the problem. They actually answered quite quickly and asked me to resend the application and they'll review it again.

I sent the exact same binaries as previously and suddenly it worked just fine and was accepted. Nice to know that they have problems on their end and claim that it's my fault...

My Macbook had the topcase problem where the plastic part that holds the keyboard cracks. My machine was almost two years old and the warranty had expired after one year. Called them up, they said that since it's a material problem they'll fix it. Nice, I got a brand spanking new keyboard / touchpad / topcase in a day.

The battery on my Macbook also died. It didn't wither away like batteries usually do. No, it just went dead. Apple tells me I haven't used it enough (only 38 cycles in two years) and the warranty is only for one year. New battery costs 139€. Not nice. Crap batteries.


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