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Philips, Please Enhance Achieva a Bit!

05.10.2012 12.26 - IT-ala 

Dear Philips,

I've been using your Achieva system for some time now and I have a couple of important enhancements for it. I'm sure if you ask others they'll agree that these features would be very useful in everyday use.

First, make a button that copies the offset/angle parameters from the imaging box to the volume box. It's really not hard to do and it's so annoying that we have to align it ourselves.

Next is Undo feature. This would also be easy to do but would help a lot. Many times I've accidentally changed the slice width or rotated the box when I actually just wanted to move it. Now without undo I have to manually fix this or use cancel and do it all over again.

Oh, and it would be nice to have the possibility to scroll through the images with mouse wheel in the imaging mode. Would cause less strain than going to the scroll bar all the time.

And the whole UI would look nicer with ClearType and a better font :)

Not much to ask, is it? Thanks!

PS. I'd be interested in working for or with you. Get in touch!


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