Symbiatch - maailma on rikki

Andy Mart replied

18.08.2005 07.16 - IT-ala 

As I suspected, Andy Mart's reply was quite clear:

Your comments make no sense. I am not under any obligation to list anything. Microsoft's products are defective. The day I held my news conference they announced yet another "major security flaw" in their main product.

So I replied:

As I suspected, no truth behind accusations. You are under no obligation, but it's usually a good thing to have something to back up your sayings. Seems like you think the people in Illinois are quite stupid, to swallow everything you say as truth without any proof. I hope they aren't.

You know, Apple just released fixes for 40 holes in OS X. Strange, isn't it, since no other company has defective products. Strange indeed...

(Note: I have nothing against Apple or OS X and am not saying their product is crap, just pointing out to the guvernor-wannabe that the other mainstrem OS has flaws too)


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