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ASP.NET roskiin, PHP tilalle

06.04.2005 11.44 - web 

Minulle referoitiin artikkelia, jossa henkilö perusteli yrityksensä vaihtoa ASP.NETistä PHP:hen. Kommentoin asiaa hieman, sillä kyseinen artikkeli oli otettu vähän liian vahvasti "jumalan sanana", vaikka kirjoittaja itsekin totesi asian olevan vain heidän näkökantansa ja heidän tarpeidensa sanelemaa.

I was referred to this article as an example of people switching to PHP from ASP.NET. I'd like to point out a few things since most of the comments are overly positive about this switch.

1. It's not a problem with the platform that people aren't available for it. People learn new things all the time, but I know it's not a solution when you need 20 people for a project yesterday.

2. Naturally "simple and quick" solutions might be possible with PHP, but they are as possible with ASP.NET. Many real world applications aren't "simple and quick." And also remember: the right tool for each task.

3. Cost is not that big of an issue. You don't need SQL Server, you've got for example PostgreSQL. You don't need MSDN, or at least any part of it that requires paying. Visual Studio is great, but not necessary for development. Just use any editor you like. And you can always deploy Web Server Edition or purchase hosting solution. If you want your own server, it's the only thing you pay for. Everything else you need is free. Really.

4. If you can't get servers to work, look in the mirror and in the hardware first. Think what are the only common nominators: you as the developers and admins. What could be the problem then, since others can do it without problems. People can run development machines for years without problems, they can run servers for months without reboots and software they wrote doesn't stop working suddenly. Funny, isn't it?

5. Security is a problem everywhere and as someone already stated, it's strange that you'd leave your servers without upgrades while stating that Linux/Apache/PHP have vulnerabilities.

6. Platform independence is better with PHP, so if you need that, it is a good reason. Mono has gone a long way and might even be a possibility for ASP.NET hosting nowadays.

7. This relates to the point 1, since there are not that many people using it, communities are smaller. But also there is a lot of crap in the larger PHP communities, so you must be careful in believing everything you see in forums and using all the code samples you find. There have been lots of problems when people don't understand the code they use.

8. Lots of samples for ASP.NET too, but naturally PHP has been around for a lot longer. Also lots of crappy samples for PHP out there. People must be careful.

9. There is nothing IE specific about ASP.NET nor is PHP any better in this sence. So this is total FUD and should be treated as such. Web site developers do the code, not the platform.

10. As known for so long, superstars are usually comets. Many times they don't last that long and many times they aren't that great. They only appear to be, but after a while you realize the truth. I'm not saying your guy isn't an exception, just that there are lots of people in trouble because they blindly trust random people. (Yes, I don't expect anyone to blindly trust me either, that's not what this writing is about ;)

I hope people read the second to last paragraph and undestand it, since it's where you state the most important: this is the situation where you and only you are, so this is your decision. I respect that and even more I respect the fact that you understand it. Without that paragraph the whole text could've been random rantings, but now it's a description about your findings.

Hope you'll be happy with your new platform, I know I will be with ASP.NET and won't go back to PHP (which I used for many years before ASP.NET came out). Still my database of choice isn't MS's and I'm not paying them lots of money just because I use their stuff. Why should anyone else? You have the choice.


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