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Apple Once Again Craps on Developers

06.12.2011 08.59 - mobiili ohjelmointi 

CoreGraphics Log Jam

A good (even old, but still valid) point on what I'm currently angry about. Apple doesn't want to tell the developers what's wrong! In the case of the article, at least now the debugger shows the errors in the debug console, but it doesn't really help.

For example: I load a PNG file from the net and try to use its data (CGContextDrawImage). I get the file, I get the raw data and also sometimes the data is broken. So I get an error in the console. Gee whiz, that's nice. I, as a developer, get an error. But the application DOES NOT! So I can't do anything about it since I don't know the data is broken! I have searched all around and there are always these questions "I get this and that error, how do I check the error" and all answers tell the developer that his values are wrong and they have to check them themselves, or use hardcoded things.

Who in their right mind thought that it would be ok to build a whole graphics API without error reporting to the application itself? Some methods do at least return NULL when something's wrong, but that doesn't help much. Especially when I'm using a function that will decode PNG, determine it's broken and still return garbled data without any error messages to the application!

So, am I just supposed to decode the PNG myself/via other functions, determine it's not broken and then decode it via Quartz 2D again? Sure. Nice. Very fast and convenient on a mobile device.

Sheesh. I thought I'd seen everything Apple has to offer. But I'm still just beginning... Apple, get a grip! We aren't all some fanbois that will take anything from you!


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