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Symbian's Really Going to Die?

27.11.2010 15.32 - mobiili 

Just read Symbian Foundation web sites to shut down. It paints a pretty horrible picture.

As a result, we expect our websites will be shutting down on 17th December. We are working hard to make sure that most of the content accessible through web services (such as the source code, kits, wiki, bug database, reference documentation & Symbian Ideas) is available in some form, most likely on a DVD or USB hard drive upon request to the Symbian Foundation.

Umm... DVD or USB drive? It won't be transferred to Forum Nokia or anything?

Source repositories will cease to be available when we shut down the site
We will not be hosting the source or the kits

So, nothing said about getting the source code or devkits from anywhere else either...

We are working with Nokia to see how best to make official documentation available.

Ok, so some documentation might be available from Nokia afterwards?

This all reads too much like "Symbian is dead after the Foundation is gone and nobody will continue with it." I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing, though...

On a side note. Wondering if EU/EC will give the millions of euros they allocated for Symbian Foundation to Nokia? I hope not. It was supposed to help Europeans compete with the USA etc. I just don't know why we should give money to a system that is used by a single company. I hope we're not giving it now.

Update! Seems there is some more information available. They're saying Symbian will be "at least as open as now", there will be no councils and Nokia will deliver >50 million Symbian devices. But those are just plans...


iPhone Can't Do Winter Time, Calendar Buggy

01.11.2010 12.01 - IT-ala mobiili 

So, it seems that Apple can't get even timezones right. In 2010. I have an iPhone 4. I've had an alert at 7 am. It worked fine in the summer. Today, not so great. Fortunately I wake up before the alert, otherwise I'd woken up at 8 am.

I deleted the alert, created a new one, just maybe it's just a problem with old alerts. No such luck. The new one alerts also an hour later. And at least one other user has reported the same today.

Come on, Apple. You're really going to have bugs like this? Shame on you.

Also, iOS 4.1 has a bug in calendar which forces me to go to the day view and then back to the list (which I prefer). Otherwise the whole list is empty. This did not happen in 4.0 or 3.x.

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Altruistic Monty

01.11.2010 11.27 - IT-ala 

Oh, it was such a tear-jerking thing to see Monty Widenus pleading for people to "save MySQL" from the evil Oracle. Even more so when he told everyone he never wanted to make any money. Oh the sadness. But who believed him? Maybe he didn't start working on it for money, but nevertheless he made a decent buck of it. So why not put his money where his mouth is?

The reason why I'm writing about this now is that the taxation reports for the year 2009 have come. And it seems that Monty's children My and Max are quite wealthy. Both have over 7 million euros of wealth. And I don't think they've gotten it themselves.

So, maybe My and Max could save MySQL with their fortune, easily?

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