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iPhone Can't Do Winter Time, Calendar Buggy

01.11.2010 12.01 - IT-ala mobiili 

So, it seems that Apple can't get even timezones right. In 2010. I have an iPhone 4. I've had an alert at 7 am. It worked fine in the summer. Today, not so great. Fortunately I wake up before the alert, otherwise I'd woken up at 8 am.

I deleted the alert, created a new one, just maybe it's just a problem with old alerts. No such luck. The new one alerts also an hour later. And at least one other user has reported the same today.

Come on, Apple. You're really going to have bugs like this? Shame on you.

Also, iOS 4.1 has a bug in calendar which forces me to go to the day view and then back to the list (which I prefer). Otherwise the whole list is empty. This did not happen in 4.0 or 3.x.



Pera (anon, 02.11.2010 00.43)

Are you sure how native calendars has been instructed and implemented.

If king of mambo jambo country says, that native calendar is what is as he says.

miguo (anon, 03.11.2010 18.06)

That's just an evil plan to remove such a stupid thing from the world. Some countries has already understood how stupid whole moving clocks all the time is, and just sticks in one time during the whole year. It's nice to live in advanced country ;)

And... that's is so old news, that has been reported as a bug for a long time already, and that was discussed already weeks before. But good reminder that you should never trust only one technology thingy for anything important... :D  |  Omat jutut  |  Muiden jutut  |  Kategoriat  |  kirjaudu