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Ficora got fed up with Accenture?

15.07.2009 16.46 - IT-ala yhteiskunta 

It seems that Ficora (Finnish Communications Regulatory Agency) isn't that happy with their (allegedly inside) deal with Accenture. The deal they made some years bag about the FI TLD domain system was a bit dodgy since they had previously ordered investigations from Accenture and they were part of the bidding process. And naturally the winner was Accenture, even though they were almost the priciest.

But now Ficora has sent another request for bids. And it states that they are going to rewrite the whole system. Did they forget to put some "oh, we need the sources and rights for the system, y'know?" clause in the contract or is the current system so crap that it's better to start all over again?

They estimate that it'll take 2-6 million euros to get the system done and it'll be up and running 1.1.2011. We'll see what happens.

I just can't get my head around this. What happened? Who messed things up? Since no-one is accountable for errors in contracts etc, no-one cares. And the taxpayers will be the ones paying for this.

It would be nice to get some info from Ficora, but I bet this information is not publicly available. At least not the truth.

Oh, and you who are thinking about bidding: you have to have a reference about a "similar system" and your 3-year turnover has to be at least 10M€. So there goes the competition...

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