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Nokia Calling All Copiers?

26.08.2011 12.20 - mobiili 

Nokia had this Calling All Innovators competition. I thought that they wanted some innovative applications to be submitted. When checking at the results, it seems that this was quite a wrong assumption.

They have given $150k for a unit converter app. A simple unit converter. One that I or any other developer with even some experience could make in a couple of hours. Without any innovation. Really, Nokia?

This shows one of two things, or both: there are no innovative applications for Business and Finance, or people don't care about Nokia's platform.

And you're free to call me jealous. I'm not. I'm just kicking myself because I thought they actually wanted something new, innovative and noteworthy and I didn't have the time to start doing something like that for Symbian. I'm still not that fluent in Qt and plain Symbian coding... ugh.

So I probably should've put mIRGGI in there. It would surely have won something. Damn.

I'm not saying everything there is useless or not innovative. The Pocket Parrot seems interesting (stupid Nokia doesn't give out any bigger screenshots, explanations or anything else than what Ovi Store has!) and probably has value. But many others are the same simple stuff.

So, maybe this is a hint that I should start copying those apps and wait for Nokia to start Calling All Innovators for Windows Phone and win everything!


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Jaakko Rajaniemi (anon, 29.08.2011 20.59) kotisivu

Symbiatch, always a pleasure to read your commentary. Seen them also about our Apps4Finland competition. If I only knew how to get you excited about our competition and show the world the true innovation. I'm sure you can do better than these :)  |  Omat jutut  |  Muiden jutut  |  Kategoriat  |  kirjaudu