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Apple Still Can't Handle Addresses and Coordinates

12.12.2012 22.04 - IT-ala 

Apple is so smart. First they make Maps so that it can't find even the addresses on the main streets in Helsinki (like Hämeentie, Unioninkatu etc). Then they realize that if someone wants to share their location, surely they don't want to send their accurate GPS coordinates. No, they surely want to send their address. Which is guessed by Apple. And shown on the map "approximately" when they can't decide where the address is.

How do they manage that? They guess that I'm currently at address X (which is fine, it's in the opposite side of the road, so it's correct), so they do know that X is at coordinates Y. But when asking where is X, they report it several miles from this location! So they have two databases for addresses for some reason?

But still. Let me share my coordinates. You can send both address and coordinates if you must. That way people will find me whatever happens. With their address crap, clearly not a chance.

So, if someone can explain to me why it's reasonable to have one way in doing (x, y) -> address and a totally different way in doing address -> (x, y) I'll give you a box of chocolates. Because I've been clearly doing it wrong all these years.

And here's an example. Shared my location, clicked on it, selected get route. It should be at max 10 meters since GPS fluctuates. Apple thinks I'm 3.5km from my location based on location sharing. Works well, right?


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